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ATM Services

First Line Service

The majority of ATM service calls are corrected by a First Line service technician.  If the problem cannot be resolved by this first response, it will be escalated and coordination will be made with the appropriate personnel for resolution.  Clients who utilize us for this service enjoy ATM uptime of over 99.6%.

Dynamic ATM Services, Inc. can manage all aspects of First Line operations freeing you up to focus on higher priorities.  Our First Line Service includes:

• Service dispatch

• Minor repairs

• Supply replenishment

• Cash replenishment

• ATM balancing/settlement

• Audit delivery

• Monthly service reports 

• Video system management

• Coordinate third party vendors

• General ATM cleaning

• Detailed ATM cleanings available for an additional fee (see ATM cleaning page)

Cash Replenishment

We believe it is not too much to expect that your ATMs be replenished on an agreed upon schedule and have supplies replenished and audit delivered as promised.  Our armored program is designed to give you the best possible service.  We offer competitive pricing and flexible programs for your cash replenishment needs.

Deposit Pickup and Delivery

We work closely with you and your staff to tailor deposit pickup access procedures, audit requirements and delivery deadlines. 

Second Line Hardware Maintenance

Since all hardware service calls are included as part of your Service Plan, it is in our best interest as well as yours, to keep your ATMs in peak condition.   The service includes limitless service to repair ATM hardware failures and all parts, labor, travel time and mileage.


ATM Rigging

ATM rigging includes receiving, delivering and setting up an ATM.  Our rigging services are performed by experienced, properly dressed professionals.  The loading of ATM software, configuration with the host and bringing the ATM live can also be part of the package.  ATM removal, transportation, ATM storage and selling or disposing of your ATM is also available.

ATM Upgrades

Modify your ATM the way you and your users would like; add or remove depositories or cash canisters, change from a motorized card reader to a dip, upgrade to color sunlight viewable monitors, add cameras and housings, paint the facia or surround, change signage.  Whatever your needs, we can do it.

ATM Light Testing

In California this is AB244; the link to the financial code is below.

Dynamic ATM Services, Inc. can arrange a Lighting Certification which includes the following:

  • Night visit to ATM site and perform light meter measurements
  • Provide site sketch with recorded measurements to the client
  • If lighting levels are substandard, a proposal from a qualified lighting company may be provided
  • Photographs of the ATM and immediate area may also be provided

Additionally, Dynamic ATM Services, Inc. can provide a report showing the incidence of crimes of violence in the immediate neighborhood of the ATM from local law enforcement.

All of this documentation will be ample illustration of due diligence.

Robbery at Automated Teller Machines by Michael S. Scott, "According to lighting designers, most minimum lighting standards do not address all the factors that affect visibility.  Shadows, light types, light colors, light-source direction, light uniformity, glare and obstructions all affect visibility for the observer.  A qualified lighting designer should plan ATM lighting".


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Download California Financial Code 13040-13041


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Download California Financial Code 13030-13031

ATM supplies can be provided for virtually any model and will be shipped within 24 hours of ordering.   

  • Receipt paper
  • Printer ribbons
  • Ink jets
  • Audit paper
  • Audit disks
  • Deposit envelopes
  • Tamper evident transmittal bags

Click here to order via email or send via fax to (951) 676-4696.  You are always welcome to call us at (800) 676-1619 or (951) 676-4676 to discuss your situation.

Your order will be confirmed in the same mode in which it was placed.

Custom ATM Screen Graphics

We can assist you in developing engaging graphics for your ATM, either full motion video or static.  When combined with sunviewable monitors, the effect is staggering.  ATM users have a richer experience and it has been shown that they become more loyal to the ATM.  

We can customize a program specifically for your institution using your existing graphics or develop them to your specifications.

Large institutions understand the power of marketing at the ATM.  Typically, this substantial investment was made understanding the Return Of Investment and large quantity of ATMs.  Now, virtually any financial institution can have the advantages of custom marketing graphics at a price which will surprise you.

Promote your institution, loan program,  home banking, special services, a local merchant or SEG.

Your imagination is your only limit.